Scalable Integrations, Exceptional Experiences

Seamlessly support hundreds of integrations with unparalleled operational insight.

The Challenge

Managing diverse integrations at scale
eBonding integrations at scale presents a whole set of challenges; how do you group them, manage them and tailor them to your customer’s needs? When eBonding within ServiceNow, you can have hundreds of different integrations to manage, not just a few.

Different code bases, processes and complex operations simply aren’t viable when operating at scale. Slow iterative builds, and complex management processes can take up vast amounts of time and aren’t cost-effective. Ultimately, they deliver a poor client service. There must be a better way!

The Solution

Faster integrations and simpler operations!
ShareLogic Unifi allows you to build sophisticated integrations faster and at scale, all processed the same way. Because we’ve done the hard work for you creating a low-code – no-code environment, you can develop, test and launch bespoke integrations quicker than you ever thought possible, in hours rather than weeks and months.

Our clever automations and tools, such as automatic integration documentation, allow you to massively reduce the resource you spend on the day-to-day management and operations of your integrations, while always enjoying complete visibility and outstanding governance.

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