The definitive eBonding integration platform for ServiceNow

Unifi is not just about syncing data

We built Unifi to excel at one thing: eBonding. No compromises. No distractions. Just the best ticket exchange integration platform you’ll ever use. We believe there is a whole lot more to successful integrations than just syncing data. That’s why we reimagined the integration experience to make it better for everyone.

Whether you’re a developer, a customer service agent, or an operations analyst, you’ll find it easier than ever to build, use, and manage the integrations your business relies on.

Delightful Development

Low-code to pro-code

We set out to design and build the most flexible integration platform you’ll ever use. We cover most of what you’ll ever need to do but leave room for those one-off business critical requirements.

With Unifi Integration Designer, you’ll be building integrations in hours or days, not weeks or months. And because things as complicated as asynchronous messaging are now as simple as a checkbox, you’ll have time to focus on what really matters.

Empowering Agents

Informed & enabled

Your customer service agents are at the forefront of your customer’s experience. They know better than anyone how the process works and what normal looks like. That’s why we made sure it’s easy to notify them of integration successes – and failures – in their day-to-day activities.

Not only are integration activities surfaced, simple actions such as replaying a message or responding to a process error can be done without needing expert integration assistance.

Mission-Critical Operations

Actionable insight

The time to build an integration is just a fraction compared to the time it is in service. That’s why we spent years building and refining the processes that make Unifi work as near to flawlessly as possible for the long haul.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and things can change and sometimes things can fail. That’s why we also added capabilities for the team on the front line, giving them tools to identify and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

No Lost Messages

Real resilience, real time

You’d never send a valuable parcel without having it signed for, so why would you transfer a priority-1 Incident without ensuring it was received?

Asynchronous integrations are the backbone of good eBonding. Unifi makes it easy to implement so you can be sure your messages are delivered.

Stay in control of your integrations. Use real-time information to ensure business continuity.

Full Visibility

Just 3 clicks

Unifi tracks everything that happens with your integrations. All transactional data, processing and logs are stored conveniently within easy reach. So easy, in fact, all it takes is 3 clicks to get from an integrated record to any related HTTP Request.

Unifi is the window you’ve always wanted. Nothing is hidden. Everything is within reach.

The Golden Image

Standards and speed

As an MSP onboarding customer after customer, you’ll want each customer to have the same integration to simplify the onboarding process. Unifi allows you to create your own standard integration, or golden image, and use that for all your customers.

What’s more, when your customer asks you to support something custom, Unifi paves the way for possibilities rather than locking you into a single way of doing things.

And that’s not all. If your customer also uses Unifi, you can simply send them a mirrored integration and both sides can be fully integrated in as little as a few minutes!


ProCori SMC

Daniel Billing

Unifi is a really robust and competent integration tool.


Fernando Caamaño

Amazing Application

Gothenburg City

Johan Gradén

Unifi is an amazing integration solution. Integrations become easy to manage, monitor and troubleshoot.

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