Secure Integrations, Outstanding Governance

Assured data security & compliance all within the ServiceNow instance.

The Challenge

Data sovereignty and security
Ensuring the safety and security of your data in eBonding is crucial and requires more than just seamless integrations into your workflows. Typically, eBonding solutions are middleware and as with any third-party solution, if your data is going to pass through them, they will need to undergo a comprehensive vetting and security process.

That takes a lot of time and effort, with no guarantee of a positive outcome at the end of that lengthy process. So how can you deliver seamless, fast, sophisticated integrations with guaranteed security?

The Solution

Security built in!
If you are already using ServiceNow, there are no data sovereignty or system approval issues when using ShareLogic Unifi. All your data stays within the ServiceNow ecosystem and never leaves it. So security is literally built in.

That means you don’t need to compromise on any other aspect of your integrations. Our low-code – no-code platform, combined with our automated monitoring and suite of tools and templates, means you can build and manage integrations easier than you ever thought possible across any new or legacy system.  While at the same time enjoying simplified management and outstanding governance.

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