Scalable Integrations, Simplified Operations

A sophisticated integration platform with unparalleled flexibility of operations.

The Challenge

Building integrations, adapting integrations and re-building integrations for your suppliers, can be expensive and time-consuming. And when you are creating integrations at scale, you can develop a legacy of systems, processes and interfaces, each designed to work for a specific supplier.

So, every time you need to work on your integrations, you must ensure you have the right staff with the proper training. With a large volume of integrations in place, this very soon becomes an unmanageable situation, slowing down your business and directly affecting your ability to compete effectively.

The Solution

Creating a single ‘golden standard’ you can supply to all your integrations is possible. ShareLogic Unifi is a sophisticated eBonding platform with a comprehensive suite of automations and tools to help you create multiple complex integrations quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

As a certified ServiceNow store application, the ShareLogic Unifi platform benefits from all the great features and processes your existing teams will be immediately familiar with. So they can work on all your integrations quickly and confidently, helping your business move faster and stay agile.

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