7 reasons why Unifi is the ultimate integration upgrade to Service Bridge

ServiceNow’s latest version of Service Bridge marks a commendable advancement, addressing the growing demand for specialised solutions in managing ebonding integrations. Service Bridge effectively streamlines integrations between ServiceNow instances, proving invaluable to numerous businesses.

ShareLogic Unifi represents a substantial leap beyond Service Bridge, offering a significantly more advanced solution tailored for organisations with diverse and intricate integration requirements. Unifi doesn’t just streamline the rapid and effortless creation of complex integrations; it elevates integration capabilities by providing unmatched operational insights.

For businesses needing robust functionality beyond the basics, Unifi stands out as the superior choice, recognised globally as a leading solution.

Let's delve into the key highlights that set Unifi apart from ServiceNow’s Service Bridge.

ServiceNow to anything – consolidate don’t complicate 

A key distinction between Service Bridge and Unifi is their integration capabilities. Service Bridge is limited to enabling integrations solely between ServiceNow instances.

In contrast, Unifi allows you to manage integrations from ServiceNow to virtually any platform, including Jira, Salesforce, AWS, and more. 

With Unifi, you can use a single platform to build and consolidate all your complex ServiceNow integrations, handling errors seamlessly in one place and in a consistent manner.

Advanced integration interface – delightful development

Unifi offers an intuitive interface that simplifies the integration process, making it accessible even for those with limited technical expertise.

Designed as pro code but made accessible as low code, all users can leverage advanced functionalities easily meaning businesses can quickly adopt and benefit from Unifi without the need for extensive training.

Operational focus – full transparency for complete governance

Unifi's tracking and monitoring capabilities provide unmatched transparency and control over your data operations. Nothing is hidden; every detail is accessible to you. So, you can see how your data is sent and received in real-time and retrospectively in just a few clicks.

This approach enables you to act swiftly and independently, without relying on us for information, thereby enhancing your ability to make informed decisions and optimise your integration processes effectively.

Unifi excels in tracking all metadata associated with data transfers, offering even more detailed information about how data is sent and received. This level of insight is crucial for businesses that rely heavily on data integrity and accuracy.

Enhanced real-time monitoring – proactively troubleshoot to deliver better experiences

Unifi provides real-time tracking and monitoring of integrations, giving customers instant visibility into the status and performance of their integrations. This capability allows for immediate troubleshooting and resolution of any issues, ensuring continuous and efficient operations.

Automated regression testing – reduce testing efforts by 99%

One of Unifi's unique features is its automated testing capabilities. Ensuring the reliability of new or updated integrations before they are deployed is vital. For businesses managing hundreds of integrations, manual testing can be extremely cumbersome, labour-intensive and time-consuming.

With Unifi, you can run hundreds of tests for each integration in seconds and without impacting the end user. This ensures that your integrations are dependable before they go live.

By reducing the time and effort involved by an impressive 99%, Unifi provides a significantly smoother and more efficient experience for both your internal teams and your customers

Asynchronous messaging – real resilience, in real-time

Just like you wouldn't send a valuable parcel without confirmation, why risk transferring priority-1 incidents without ensuring they're received?

Asynchronous integrations form the backbone of efficient eBonding. Unifi makes this easy to implement, so you can be sure they are not only sent but delivered. With real-time information you can trust at your fingertips, you can ensure uninterrupted business continuity.

Automated documentation – efficiency at its best

Manually creating integration documentation can be a tiresome task. It requires meticulous attention to detail and often becomes a burdensome afterthought. Errors and inconsistencies can easily slip through, leading to confusion and inefficiencies.

With Unifi, this entire process is automated, saving time and effort whilst also ensuring that your documentation is accurate, consistent, and always up-to-date. Unifi makes integration documentation a seamless part of your workflow, rather than a dreaded chore.

The clear upgrade

Service Bridge represents a powerful step forward for ServiceNow's ServiceNow ebonding requirements. However, for businesses requiring richer operational capabilities beyond ServiceNow integrations, Unifi offers the essential upgrade. Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands for nearly a decade, the Unifi platform benefits from extensive resources and deep expertise - and boasts an exemplary support rating of 4.9 over the last 12 months![1]

With a focus on operational excellence, comprehensive data insights, a superior integration interface, and advanced automated testing, Unifi ensures your business not only meets but exceeds its integration needs. When reliability, efficiency, and advanced functionality matter most, Unifi stands out as the superior choice.

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[1]Customer support rating of 4.9 from June 2023 – June 2024

Unifi vs Service Bridge: which is the best option for your needs?

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