Smart integration management for MSPs

Seamlessly support hundreds of integrations with unparalleled operational insight.

The Challenge

Managing 10’s to 100’s of integrations
eBonding integrations at scale present a whole new set of challenges: how do you group them, how do you manage them, how do you tailor them to customer needs? For a typical data integration, you would only have one or two – think AD or AWS – but with eBonding you could have hundreds of integrations to similar systems (e.g. customers that use ServiceNow).

Every developer has their own way of building an integration
A business might be able to tolerate a small number of integrations being built and managed differently, but when it comes to eBonding, this is less likely due to its complexity. Different code bases built by different developers present lots of problems when building and maintaining eBonding integrations at scale.

The Solution

Simplified integration management using a standard platform
Integrations are easy to support because they are built and processed the same way. Front line staff can see if an integration is working and have the power to do rectify common problems.

Build integrations using common practices that are easy to understand
As all your integrations follow the same framework, integrations can be supported by anyone without needing to know the specifics of how they were built. Integrations documentation is automatically generated so it’s always available, relevant and up to date.

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