Agile integration management for the enterprise

The Challenge

On/offboarding suppliers is expensive and time consuming
If you are building integrations custom to your suppliers, when it comes to changing suppliers you need to undertake the entire process again. As an enterprise, this is not something you do all the time, so if often becomes a time consuming and expensive process.

3rd party systems need 3rd party training
Most integration solutions out there are external systems with their own interfaces and their own ways of working, and they are rarely built specifically for eBonding. Staff need training for every system they use, and this knowledge needs to be constantly maintained to ensure the systems are managed effectively.

The Solution

Simplified supplier management using a standard platform
Whether you need to integrate to your suppliers, or you want to create a golden standard that suppliers use to integrate to you, Unifi can support the way your business works. Help your business stay agile and competitive by reducing the time it takes to onboard new suppliers.

Deploy new integrations without needing specialist skills
Unifi is configured entirely within ServiceNow and is built on native ServiceNow capabilities. There is no need for specialist training or resources because your existing team can learn to build complex integrations with ease.

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