Secure integration management for government

Security you can trust; integrations wholly contained within your ServiceNow instance.

The Challenge

Data sovereignty and system approval (FedRAMP)
Ensuring your data is in a safe, secure, and certified environment is vital. However, most eBonding solutions are middleware. Using one of these systems requires vetting and security approval to ensure your data is safe when travelling through these third-party systems.

Legacy systems
Nearly every eBonding solution is portrayed as plug-and-play to all the modern systems that are available today. But being plug-and-play inherently means that integrations are restricted when it comes to custom requirements. Most legacy systems do not have modern API’s and are unlikely to be plug-and-play, requiring a system which is flexible to cater for their limitations.

The Solution

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If you are using ServiceNow then there are no data sovereignty or system approval issues when using Unifi. All your data stays in ServiceNow and because there is no middleware, it only goes where you send it. Because Unifi resides entirely within your ServiceNow instance, if you are approved to use ServiceNow, you are approved to use Unifi.

Easily connect to legacy systems and handle peculiarities
Unifi is adaptable to any API, even from an old legacy system. It has lots of capabilities to intercept and override quirks (response actions) – deal with other systems not behaving quite how you would expect them to (where a more modern system would be ok)

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