Unifi 4.2 release now available

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of Unifi has been released and is accessible via the ServiceNow app store to upgrade now.

The Unifi 4.2 release primarily focuses on minor feature enhancements and bug fixes, but even small improvements can have a significant impact. Thanks to our customers for their continued and invaluable feedback.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • A new update checker in Designer makes it easy to see if you have the latest and correct versions of the application, utility and hotfix.
  • Trigger business rules, REST services and SOAP services are now easily accessible from the navigator menu.
  • Async receipts will now send correctly for inbound create requests that fail.
  • Inbound request content-type processing could result in the error message "HttpRequestError: Unable to identify message name from request", which is now fixed.
  • The Integration copy logic has been updated to prevent duplicate Dataset messages from being created.

There are also several fixes and new features in Designer and Datasets. Read the full notes for this release here.

The latest release of Unifi includes minor feature enhancements and bug fixes. Available to upgrade now.

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