ShareLogic, the journey to creating the globally recognised ebonding integration platform

ShareLogic Unifi was developed to excel at one thing: ebonding within ServiceNow. Our platform transforms the capabilities of companies to create and manage powerful, sophisticated, and flexible integrations, quickly and at scale.

James Neale and Tim Attenborough, the founders of ShareLogic, originally started working at the same ServiceNow partner over a decade ago. They were both from a technical background, James in web development and smart lighting, and Tim in mathematical modelling and simulation. Often given the more technically complex projects to work on, it was inevitable they became involved in integrations, including the most complex involving ebonding.
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They developed their integration expertise, working in consultancy roles for many leading UK organisations where they led integration projects and created many ebonding frameworks. With no existing off the shelf solutions coming close to providing the level of performance and sophistication needed by their clients, James & Tim became experts in developing custom solutions.
Over the years, they created dozens of complex integrations, developing an unparalleled understanding of what ‘excellent’ looks like and the true operational cost of supporting them long term. As every integration was configured to the specific needs of the client, each could take months to develop, test and launch. But despite their success in this arena, they believed there had to be a better way to deliver high-performing ebonding solutions, that were faster to create and easier to manage and support.
James & Tim identified a range of problems that needed solving! Data mapping typically happened in scripts that were hidden away. There was no easy way to replay and handle errors, or see the data being sent and received. The testing and integration was a laborious, time consuming manual activity. And even when created by in-house teams, they almost always cost more and took longer to deliver than planned.
It turns out, it’s quite hard to create an OK ebonding solution, but it’s incredibly hard to create an excellent one!
Rather than accept the status quo, James & Tim became obsessed and set up ShareLogic with the aim of revolutionising ebonding integrations. With their experience in building lots of integrations, they then spent several thousand hours developing a solution that wasn’t just ‘OK’, but was revolutionary, particularly in the difficult areas of integrating at scale, operational insight and automated testing. That solution was ShareLogic Unifi, a platform now setting new standards for the delivery of ebonding integrations in ServiceNow.
As the drive to digitalisation continues to generate exponential growth in outsourced supplier operating models and connected systems, effective integration at scale, operational insight and automated testing are becoming even more mission critical. For customers demanding flexibility, ease of use, security and governance, ShareLogic Unifi has continued to deliver the optimal solution defining the difference between OK and excellent!