Unifi Training

November 5, 2021

Unifi Training

This training course gives new and experienced developers the opportunity to learn about the most powerful integration platform on ServiceNow: Unifi.

The course takes place over two days and covers 4 distinct topics.

Process - We'll dive into what  eBonding integrations are, how they differ from other types of integrations and what should you look out for when designing them.

Operations - Here we'll show you how does Unifi makes the day to day running of integrations a breeze, how you manage errors and outages, and how to get back up to sync.

Configuration - Now we get into the detail of actually building and configuring eBonding integrations using the Unifi designer UI .

Advanced - eBonding integrations are complex, whether you use Unifi or not and this course covers more detailed topics such as attachment handling, error response processing and writing custom mapping scripts.

Attendees will learn everything from what to think of before you even start building integrations, all the way through to more complex integration scenarios.

Minimum requirements for this course:

- ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

- Now Platform API experience (GlideRecord, etc)

- Good JavaScript knowledge 

We'll be hosting multiple events throughout the year. Find out when the next event is happening and book your spot here: https://unifi.eventbrite.co.uk.

Once a quarter, you’ll be able to join us for two days of Unifi training – for free! We'll cover everything you need to know to plan and build awesome eBonding integrations.

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